Lowe Lippmann Trakman Leasing Services Melbourne 3000

Leasing Brokers Australia (LBA) was established in 2004 to provide leasing and other finance services to clients of Lowe Lippmann Chartered Accountants and clients of Lowe Lippmann Trakman Financial Services.

It has since expanded to also provide these services to other clients and operates independently and under an ASIC approved Australian Credit License.


Our philosophy is to provide leasing and other financial services tailored to meet a client’s specific needs and objectives by providing individual and corporate clients with high quality, personalised leasing and other finance services.

We source the most competitive rates for each client and ensure that the finance process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Achievement of a client’s objectives is our number one priority.

Our Team

The Lending Team have over 18 years industry knowledge and experience, always focusing on the client’s needs and always putting service above everything else.

Our key objectives are:

  • To offer the most efficient service
  • Quick response
  • Quick settlement
  • Prompt follow-ups to ensure full client satisfaction

Four Simple Steps

We follow 4 simple steps to achieve a positive finance solution for a client.

In the first instance, we analyse a client’s financials to ensure that the application will be acceptable to the finance company involved.

We summarise the data according to financier’s requirements and make certain that there is sufficient income to service the finance.

We then submit the application.

We continue to follow up with the financier to have the finance completed quickly.

By following this process, we maximise client satisfaction, ensure financier satisfaction and obtain quick approval. The process also ensures that our client’s objectives are realised in a professional, friendly way. Each individual or corporation has different finance requirements, so as part of the process, we consult the client’s accountant to ensure that we provide the correct type of finance, to meet each client’s requirements.